Creating A Wonderful Imaginary Life

The imagination of children is almost magical, and they see things in ways adults have long forgotten. For them, the world is a place where...


Doll House Styles

It has often been traditional for doll houses to be fashioned after the Victorian home style, but times and tastes are changing rapidly. People love...


Adding Landscaping Around A Doll House

Many antique doll houses were about the inside of the home only, so they rarely had any lawns or gardens attached to them. Children were...


Furnishing the Dolls' House

Playing with a doll house is an exercise in using the imagination, but builders have found they love to have furniture for their miniature homes....


Wiring in the Electric

Older doll houses were made for children to play in, and electricity was a component that was deemed unnecessary. The modern world often encourages competition,...

People who love models have an overview of their subject, and those who love to build houses for dolls have found a creative way to spend their time. Each house is built and furnished for the imaginary people who will inhabit it, and it is decorated according to their tastes. The hobbyists who create these homes often give them to their children, and they get the enjoyment of watching the child play with them for endless hours.

There are many components to each doll house, and the details can be endless. Furnishings used to be the extent of the detail, but modern models now include electricity. Working plumbing has not yet come into its own, but there are no guarantees it will not become an item in the future. For now, hobbyists are content to carve, glue and fashion the homes to give them the look and feel of full-sized houses.