Doll House Styles

It has often been traditional for doll houses to be fashioned after the Victorian home style, but times and tastes are changing rapidly. People love embellishment on many items, but it is no longer translating to the styles they want their children to grow up with when considering homes. Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Mediterranean and even Ranch houses are popular today. Building a doll house for a child in one of these styles allows them the opportunity to play house in a style they are familiar with, or it can give them a chance to explore new housing options.

The beauty of the Victorian style is in the amount of details included in the building, and it is part of what makes them a favorite for the magic of a child’s imagination. Ranch and Mid-Century Modern homes come from a different mold, and they feature straight lines as part of their attraction. While there is little embellishment on the outside, it does not mean they are plain or boring inside.

People live on the inside of homes, and they use the outside for relaxation. Doll houses are a way for children to imagine they have their own home, and they get to make all the decisions on their own. Arranging the furniture and moving people into different rooms is part of their play, and more modern homes have larger areas they can use. It gives them a way to experience the life they live in the real world without the need to deal with different size spaces.

Imagination for a child is an important part of their growth, and doll houses fill an obvious need. For those who want to imagine their lives in the style of house where they actually live, their parents now have the option to get an exact replica of their real home.