Furnishing the Dolls' House

Playing with a doll house is an exercise in using the imagination, but builders have found they love to have furniture for their miniature homes. Each piece is usually custom built, but there are now companies that create them in bulk. While designing and creating unique pieces is the dream of many, some hobbyists do not have the skill necessary to make these tiny pieces. They have found that buying the basics allows them the time they need to put more work into the exterior of the home.

Furnishings for doll houses include all the items found in a normal size house, and they include tables and chairs, sofas for the living areas and beds. Other furnishings are appliances for the kitchen such as refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens and dishwashers. For those who want to make the entire house look like it could be expanded for full-sized people to inhabit, there are even bathrooms fixtures available.

A home without pictures, rugs and plants is seen as boring, so furniture makers for these models have also begun to fashion accessories for every room. It is a challenge to hang a miniature picture on the wall, but it will enhance the room it is in when the job is done. Plants in miniature are another painstaking challenge, but they lend a pop of color and realism to the home being fashioned.

Building furnishings for a doll house is an art that is coming into its own, and it is often a labor of love. Whether the pieces are made by hand or bought from the store, each piece helps tell the story of the imaginary people who live their lives within the walls. Best of all, they can rearrange their furnishings however they want until they find just the right settings for comfort and style.